Calgary Downsize / Estate Sales

In Calgary, an estate sale is a very successful way to downsize.

estate sales in CalgaryThe first step in planning the downsize and preparing for family dispersal of home contents or an estate sale in Calgary is to have the downsizing items evaluated by a competent evaluator.

Having had 40 years of evaluation experience evaluating older household contents and antiques for downsizing and preparing for and running estate sales has given us extensive knowledge and competency to conduct an evaluation and estate sale aimed at downsizing your Calgary home.

Evaluation in preparation for downsizing or an estate sale includes:

  1. Evaluation of the antiques and collectibles and other contents to be downsized from the home.
  2. Knowing the estate sale value, in Calgary, of each antique or collectible or household item being evaluated for downsizing.
  3. Knowing how, where and when to advertise and run the estate sale, in  Calgary’s unpredictable weather, for the greatest advantage to the downsizing owner.

Evaluating family heirlooms in preparation for downsizing or for an estate sale in Calgary requires complete honesty and compassion but also business like conduct by the evaluator. We are sensitive to the family having to downsize and we treat the evaluation, downsizing, or an estate sale with dignity and respect reminiscent of Calgary.

At the same time we are dedicated to working for the greatest financial benefit to the  downsizing family.