Antique / Collectibles Evaluations in Calgary

antique and collectible evaluationsAn accurate evaluation of antiques and collectibles in Calgary is dependant on four factors.

  1. Knowledge that an experienced evaluator has to recognize an antique or collectible.
  2. The evaluator’s cognizance of the condition, age, and rarity of the antique or collectible relative to downsizing in the Calgary market.
  3. The evaluator’s ongoing familiarity of the value of individual antiques and collectibles in a changing Calgary economy.
  4. The evaluator’s access to and use of persons with specialized expertise relative to specific antiques and collectibles in the Calgary market. Some examples of specialized antiques and collectibles include: antique dolls, antique toys, antique watches, collectible stamps collectible coins or any other antique or collectible where an honest evaluator acknowledges his inability to make a definitive evaluation for the purpose of downsizing.

We at AAA Antiques and Evaluations have extensive knowledge about antiques and collectibles from years of experience, are cognizant of the Calgary market, are familiar with the Calgary economy and have access to specialized expertise relative to specialized antiques and collectibles.

All these factors ensure that the evaluation of your antiques and collectibles in preparation for downsizing will be done professionally and will reflect the best financial results for our valued clients when they decide to downsize.