Thank you for contacting us. A quick  introduction
as to our services.

These services fall into two categories.


A. We give advice on how to divide house contents among
family / friends and on   what individuals should be taking with them if
changing residences.
B. We will evaluate all or portions of the house contents
for sale value. Depending on the need we either put a sticker showing the sale
value on each item so an estate sale can be held or we give the owner a written
list showing the sale value of each item. We make a distinction between the
immediate selling price of an item and its value for insurance replacement


Where we are requested we will run an estate sale for
the owner from the home after the evaluation is completed.

This includes:
1.Working with the family to have
everything displayed & arranged for the sale.
2. Creating & placing an
add in the local newspaper advertising the sale.

3. Taking pictures of 8 key items to be shown on the web

4. Sending an email + pictures to over 370 people on our
group emailing list announcing the sale.

5. Placing a list of sale items + 8 pictures on EACH OF
Kijiji & Used Calgary several days before the sale.
6. Providing and
placing numerous street signs on key streets directing street traffic to the
7. Placing information about items for sale in strategic locations in the
house to increase sales.

8. Having family members or trustworthy friends in areas
of the home and one to act as cashier.

9. Being present on each day of the sale and in concert
with the family manage the actual sale.

10. Most seniors own their home outright. In the
newspaper add and in all of the internet adds +  at the actual estate
sale, signs will indicate that the home is also for sale. We can arrange for
the property to be evaluated and for a city property report. We also have
access to a real estate lawyer who charges a set fee for the legal transaction.
Should the home sell in this manner the total cost to the owner is usually less
than $2500.00.

in relation to purchasing from a client: If we are asked to evaluate household
items, for whatever purpose, we will not purchase anything from that home. This
is to prevent a conflict of interest on our part and to ensure that our efforts
are totally directed to the benefit of the client.

We would be happy to meet with you for further